Low Stakes & Penny Roulette Strategy & Tips

penny roulette strategyThe best low stakes and penny roulette strategy, tips, knowledge and guidance for players is not the bull s#~t systems that guarantee no loss scenarios and profitable betting solutions. It is the knowledge of knowing what you’re up against, the history of these roulette machines, the problems associated with such devices and the best way to enjoy playing them.

“We aim to teach our readers no-nonsense tips and guidance for playing roulette machines safely and more responsibly.”

Our Low Stakes Online Roulette Guide

We’ll help change the way you think about playing roulette as it’s pretty much a fixed odds betting terminal. this and the associated articles aim to explain awareness, teach you self-control and show you how the internet can help with free play and deposit bonuses. (Deals that you don’t get in the betting shop).

“These pages include vital guidance that can improve your game plan; it’s about awareness when it comes to roulette”

We’ll show you how to play, introduce best practices for betting and show you quality online casinos that serve the top rated roulette games and associated deposit bonuses. We know where to play for free, where to practice and where to avoid. If you’re serious about playing roulette that little bit better, with more awareness and responsibility, you came to the right place.

The Awareness Rule

Before we begin, take care of the awareness rule. Note that two directions exist with players sometimes unaware of which direction they are heading. It’s simple, win or lose, but know what’s going on at all times. Awareness is critical for avoiding large losses or quitting whilst your ahead.

Tips for Low Stakes Roulette

Get it into your brain now, these pages do not contain the information required to turn your gambling habits into a million pound enterprise. Nor like some systems claim can they provide the ultimate 100% winning tools needed for such an enterprise.

They are merely pages written by a team of players who like you, like to play roulette. So what are these tips all about, in truth, it’s about making more of your game. We’ve written these pages to help you become more than just your average Joe player.

This is quite a bit of reading but in my honest option it is worth the read. Obviously I am bias as it’s on my website but If i had read this some years ago I could have minimized my losses and not been quite so stupid in the bookies playing roulette.

Understanding The Concept of Time

What is your concept of time when you’re playing roulette? Are you even thinking about how long you’ve been spinning for? when you do you plan to leave?

You must remember that the longer you’re gambling; then the more time works against you. It’s down to the house edge that gets programmed into every betting shop roulette machine. Keep your visits short when it comes to playing and you might start walking away with a little bit more money. We’re talking 5 – 10-minute periods and not hours of up and down betting.

“It’s when we don’t pay close attention to time that we lose it”

Go it Alone

Playing online is much better than visiting your local bookmaker. Bookmakers are not good places to socialize, if you want new friends then look on the internet or put an advert in the local paper. You could even try speed dating.

Problem gamblers have often reported that friendships and so-called roulette pals have been the reason for their downfall into gambling oblivion. There is nothing worse than having a so called expert looking over your shoulder, discussing tactics and strategies and getting you to spend your money instead of theirs.

Play it safe, go it alone and avoid destructive gambling buddies.

Loss Preparation

We talk about this quite a lot among ourselves, but really loss preparation means playing with what you can afford to lose. So when you’re ready to play roulette, use only the money that you are comfortable with not having anymore.

It is not a pessimistic approach to gambling. It is a very sensible and realistic approach to responsible gaming.

There is a big difference, when you start taking money out that you can’t afford to play with, then it goes only one way. Use loss preparation as a marker to playing more responsibly within your limits. It is a great tip for any roulette enthusiast.

Avoid the Buzz

“Don’t get too excited, in a couple of minutes it could all go the other way”

One reason people get hooked on casino games and fruit machines is the so called buzz that comes with huge returns against initial bets. In a nutshell, if you put £30 into, blanket spread the panel, get lucky and win around £500, then that luck could cost you control over the game.

You’ll only want to find that buzz again, spending a fortune in the quest for something that may never happen again. Avoid the buzz by keeping bets sensible and small. It brings us nicely to the bankroll. That’s why penny roulette and low stakes roulette is such a great game!

Roulette Bankroll

I remember playing online poker once and doing well in the tables that I could afford to play on. It was only when I went up a few levels, playing stakes beyond my pay grade that things went wrong. Why?

The answer is because when you’re out of your depth, you’ll do anything to survive, including desperate silly bets. Betting £50 on one spin of the roulette wheel is not good betting, it’s very desperate gambling.

Now a bankroll normally controls a player at around 10%, so playing at £50 a spin would mean you have £500 in your pocket that you can afford to lose (highly unlikely).

Start playing with a personal 10% bankroll and see how things could change for you. So that’s never more than 10% of your total on any one spin, give it a try. Anything greater than this, and especially over 30% of your total is out of your depth and control.


If you’re looking for gambling tips that tell players to spend all day playing until you’re bankrupt, you won’t find that advice here. But believe us, that’s what a huge percentage of players are doing, even right now they’re doing it.

Discipline, the cornerstone of responsible gaming, is your best friend so develop it. It can be practiced by using a few of the tips already mentioned, such as keeping time periods, betting small, avoiding the buzz and using a bankroll. Another good discipline card to play is profit point, ever heard of this one.

Profit Point

You bring a whole new meaning to the game when you give yourself another reason to play it, a more sensible reason. Now this might sound contradicting over previous testimonials which tell you that gambling are not business models, they’re not. But a profit point is a way of swapping earlier opportunities for later disappointments.

Let us explain. If you stand outside a casino asking players before they’ve stepped inside “how much are you planning to walk away with”, they will all provide one answer, “a lot”. Easier said than done, because no one knows how much “a lot” is, not even them.

“A profit point is the reality check for the roulette player; it brings them back to earth”

By the term “a lot” they probably mean a figure of astronomical proportions to their starting credit, normally into the thousands, 10’s of thousands or more. Now if they say £500 and have just £15 in their pocket, their profit point is around 3300%.

Seem a bit far-fetched? of course, it does especially when you look at it like that. Start using a profit point of around 50% and see how your game changes, but that means having the discipline also to walk away at that point too.

So starting off with £50 would mean that if, at any point in the game, your account credit reaches a point of £75 or more, then it’s time to go home. That’s £25 for a pizza and some beers, stop chasing unrealistic profit points, especially if you’re playing all day, which is another mistake too if you remember.

Leave Emotion at the Virtual Door

Triggers for problem gamblers and heavy players of gambling games have often been the result of bad news or enhanced emotions. It can leave you vulnerable, desperate and open to the harsh realities of major losses.

If you’ve had a bad day at work or some news that was fairly upsetting, then please don’t take this with you to the online casino. Above we’ve talked about some ways to gain more control over your game, this one gives it back to the game, remember it.

Avoid Chasing Losses

“The moment you begin chasing losses, you lose more than just the game; you lose yourself”

If you stick to the guidelines above and play responsible gaming along with the control of using a bankroll. Then your losses will stay reasonable to you.

Often with problem gambling the player can lose large amounts of money in quick time, resulting in anger and a sort of a die-hard mission to get that money back. So they return the next day like it’s some vendetta against the machine.

It’s because of bigger losses that problem gamblers then spiral further as desperation takes hold of the situation. If you reached your profit point, never walked away and have lost your money, then that money has gone forever, don’t ever chase those losses.

Practice, Practice, Practice

We’re pretty serious about play-ability when it comes to roulette, so we don’t just settle for anything. Our chosen casinos have been hand picked by covert players who scrutinize every detail whether its the games or the deposit bonus.

Check out the casino reviews page listed here or read the latest news from our UK casinos to discover whats hot and whats not.

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