Casino Wagering & How To Spot A Great Deal

As players it’s important to understand the concept of playing for real money, what does it actually mean for us when we accept that generous welcome bonus and what’s the true cost of trying to win these online casino games for the rewards that drive us there in the first place?

It’s time to get deep into the weeds of wagering and the science that is (play through bonuses). This article will help you stay more alert in the future and improve your skills for finding the best casino wagering opportunities that exist on the market!

Play through your casino bonus 300 times, you what!

Ever read the terms and conditions of anything, what about the small print, No and why should we, it’s absolutely boring. It’s probably something you’ve never even thought about till now, but that’s good, at least we’re finally on the dull subject.

The truth is, choosing somewhere to play roulette on the internet is far more complex than simply picking the most graphically superior looking casino, the site which has the best looking girls (it helps) or the venue which puts up the biggest welcome bonus. No, the deciding factor is something far less obvious.

It’s the wagering limits required to earn your bonuses and your withdrawals, it’s what we call “everything” that’s truly important, yet nearly all of us fail to see it. It’s a small sentence that says “you must play through your bonus this amount of times” before what’s promised is actually yours.

Sometimes when we do read this information, get out the calculator and punch in the numbers, we find ourselves screaming very loudly and frantically the words “you what”.

But don’t be surprised by this, real money wagering limits are very normal. The trick is finding the websites and casino venues which offer the best limits; by this we mean the least restrictions and with the lowest play through values possible. So let’s get to work.

Why do online casinos make us play through their bonuses?

It’s a good question, but a bit like asking why a supermarket lets you sample the crumbs of a new biscuit and not the whole packet. The answer is protection, it’s all about wagering through the bonus to stop players from abusing the system.

Online casinos would effectively collapse if they were to reduce their wager limits to zero. Back to the supermarket again, if they offered out free packets of those tasty new biscuits why would anyone ever need to pay for them, the store would face bankruptcy after making half the town obese in the process.

So as you can see, it’s a necessary evil that players must be made aware of.

Example of casino wagering requirements

You’re ready to make the leap from free play to real money so you check out the first big name that comes to mind. The casino looks spectacular; the site has lots of games, big jackpots, some rather nice looking croupiers and a welcome bonus that tugs at the heart strings. Wait! Slam on the brakes, back up, back up.

Now, let’s look at this real money deposit bonus with a big spot light. You’re about to get smarter in the process of choosing online casino bonuses forever. Making good judgements and decisions at the very beginning is vital when spotting a good place to gamble; the wagering info is that beginning.

So let’s say that this particular site is offering a 100% match bonus up to £100, that’s £100 free isn’t it, isn’t it. It is yes, but it comes with its own price tag, the play through price tag. Let’s say it comes with a 30 x wagering requirement. This would mean you would have to wager £3000 on games before being eligible to withdraw that bonus amount. This is nowhere near as difficult as it sounds, when it comes to pushing wagers on video slots and roulette tables these amounts can be reached fairly quickly.

It’s also worth noting that different casino games knock off various amounts of your play through requirement. For instance certain slot games might be higher than blackjack and roulette might be better than craps for reducing this value. These amounts come in percentages and again can be found in the terms and conditions of the bonus field. It’s all about house edge and the casinos right to exercise it as they see fit.

The lesson, don’t just look at the wagering number, but at which games have the best percentage for wagering too. It’s all about how quickly you can wager through this amount to reap the rewards of withdrawal.

Bigger is not always better

If there’s anything we tell our readers it’s that bigger is not always better. That’s an important lesson that even some of the internets most reputable high rollers find out the hard way. Larger deposit bonuses mean larger wagering amounts and longer spells of gambling against the house edge, top tip; don’t go for the big numbers without expecting the big wagers.

What’s your game?

It’s important to consider your favourite game when it comes to online casino bonuses. As we discussed earlier it’s these games that will be used to purge through any wager requirements and some are definitely better than others.

Example: If you play roulette then you want a site which awards decent roulette percentages off any wagers, and that’s the same for any game of choice. Look for casinos which best suit you.

What is it you’ll be playing most of the time? In general it will be online slots that provide the maximum contribution to any bonus play through requirement you may have.

It’s not just the welcome bonus!

Once you’ve finished the initial sign up, have deposited and wagered real money to the amount specified what happens next? You might have won, you may even have dropped a staggering jackpot worth millions but nothing comes out until the initial wagering has been met. Then again with a million pound account balance that won’t be too difficult. But it’s not just the welcome bonus that poses the challenge of play through.

If your casino is offering free spins, monthly double up bonuses or even risk free betting, then there is always something there to protect the house edge. In future, always take a second glance at the terms and conditions. VIP packages, high roller suites, exclusive membership status and loyalty packages will also have wagering responsibilities too. Remember, it’s not just the welcome bonus.

What are you looking for?

Firstly you must never judge a book by its cover; some top reputable casinos might look the part but simply demand too much for your deposit to be worthwhile. On the other hand a casino might be fairly new; it may lack game selection of its bolder rivals but in fact is more valuable to the player. It’s about finding the right balance.

Going into 2019 and beyond we can expect vicious competition between operators which potentially means bigger and better deposit bonuses for real money players. Just remember the principles of this article and how wagering requirements play a massive role in the world of online gambling.

Players should be looking for good wagering levels (30 x your bonus is considered fair) anything lower is considered pretty good. Look for bonuses that suit your preferred game. Always check offers like VIP packages and monthly reloads for their terms and conditions.

Avoid chasing the big depositing deals which promise thousands in return, leave these to the high rollers as you’ll need the funds to wager through should luck go the other way. Instead stick to £100 to £300 deposit bonuses valued between 50% and 200% (These are the best by far). Our casino reviews will show you some of the more reasonable and preferred locations for laying down chips on the internet.

Most importantly, always read the label.