Casino Payout Rates, What you Need to Know

Whether you play roulette machines, pub fruit machine games, table craps or online slots there is always a pay out rate behind the scenes. It is the fundamental core of winning and losing, the building blocks of chance and the legal obligation to every single player.

At team penny roulette we know that paying out means absolutely everything, hence the detailed explanation that’s about to follow. It is worth noting now that like casino wagering and bonus information, a casinos pay out rate should be scrutinized before making your selection. It’s a bit like checking the percentage on a bottle of beer at the super market before buying it, in this case, stronger the better.

Why do online casinos have pay out rates?

It’s not just gambling websites that have payout regulations, it’s pretty much anything that presents a winning opportunity (or a losing one!). In betting shops the roulette machines have a sticker that says 94.8%, fruit machines have similar, even arcade simulated horse racing has a percentage label attached.

It’s the law; it means that the game has been subject to an independent inspection, has been audited and that the software which governs the payout rate has been tested. Online casinos have payout rates simply because they have to, how else would they prove they’re not robbing us blind.

The casino payout rate explained

Now that you’ve opted to the task of building your covert knowledge base, one of the most important areas of gambling is the rate at which winning and losing is decided, and whilst casinos pose the ultimate chance, that chance can either increase or decrease by your decision to play on the sites pay out percentages. This is why finding the best casino payout rate is vitally important. Let us explain.

Let’s say you want to play a certain video slot for real money and this particular game has an RTP (return to player) of 95%. RTP is another term for pay back or pay out ratio. This means that for every £100 wagered on the game you will on average receive £95 back, with £5 out of every £100 going to the casino (house edge).

Now if you can imagine 1000 players spinning this game over the course of the day, each of them wagering £100 will make the gambling site £5000. Now most of those players carry on wagering whilst some players walk away winners. The majority of most will now gamble with the £95 that was given back in the first wagering cycle (remember the £100), and again 5% of the £95 will go to the house advantage in time.

Another way of putting it, the longer you play casino games then the closer you will reach the pay out rate. Remember that these RTP values are never 100% meaning that over time you will lose whatever percentage is taken from the total.

Example: You play roulette machines at 97.3%; you will lose 2.7% of each bet made over the entire betting cycle. Yet no one really knows how long a betting cycle is, it could be months or even years, but in the end the house will win. That’s not to say you won’t either!

How RTP works with wagering requirements

Casinos that have deposit bonuses with high wagering requirements and low return to player values on their games should be avoided. It’s a cocktail that’s not worth tasting. There are lots of players out there who don’t check specifics like wager limits or payout rates before joining an operator, sadly for these people the damage is already done. They might enjoy playing online slots at this particular casino but their wager requirements are so high that it takes forever to play through the bonus.

Remembering that the longer you play then the closer you get to the payout percentage, and if this is low, then the higher the house advantage is against you.

What players should be looking for!

Now that you’re aware of casino pay out rates and RTP values, it’s important to start looking at them properly. We mean really looking at them. They should be part of your decision and planning process before joining your preferred gambling site.

Check out the websites terms and conditions and fight through the boredom, there’s a percentage in there somewhere that means something. It means how well you fair against the house overall.

Avoid limits of anything below 89% on a casinos payment tables, figures of between 92% and 97% are acceptable and also realistic. Depending on the game it may even be as high as 99%, blackjack for example could exercise a good return to player.

The site overall will have a claimed payout rate, but don’t just settle for that one, check out each individual game too. If a progressive slot for example has gone national with a huge jackpot this could push the pay out rate through the roof.

Be wary of payouts that seem too high and always double check how they work alongside bonuses. It could be that a new slot game that pays back 98.1% of the time has launched with a free spins bonus, but wagering on this new game adds nothing to your play through requirements.

The best rule of thumb is to go for mid nineties payout values when choosing games and casinos, and with sites that have low wagering requirements. Our best roulette casinos include some of the best operators on the planet for their payouts, gambling websites that have been chosen specifically for their decent RTP values.

Remember, it’s not just how good the car looks, but what’s under the bonnet that really matters. When it comes to wagering real money on the internet for the chance of possible returns, it’s well worth looking at the engine that drives the winning and losing factors.