Bookies Roulette Strategy

Bookies roulette strategyThis page is all about bookies roulette strategy to help beat the FOBT machines you find in high street betting shops. Sub pages you can see listed in the sidebar are a great way to get to grips with the systems and strategy used to beat the roulette machines and take control f your game.

Whilst most FOBT players are trying to fill their pockets with the maximum profit, it’s important to know that stretching your resources (money) too far chasing bets could help you lose everything quickly. There are many variables to consider when it comes to bookies roulette machine strategy.

Strategy is not a formula for winning, it’s decision making at certain points of the game. It’s about managing losses more effectively to enable more potential winning scenarios.

First of all what is strategy?, well according to the ancient Greeks the word means “a high level plan to achieve goals under conditions of uncertainty” but to the roulette player, it means trying to get away from the machines hold with more money than you started with. So can we really win on roulette machines, and can we defeat a gaming simulator that is designed for the purpose of profit.

Betting Methods & Strategy for Roulette Machines

Whilst there is no proven system to work on fixed odds betting terminals, the following roulette strategies have been used for many years with some people claiming annihilation over their odds favoured rivals. If you use bankroll management along with discipline, and perhaps your own cocktail from some of the following systems, then who knows what your results might look like in the future. Good luck.

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Martingale strategy

One of the most common choices for players, the martingale system relies on doubling the following bet to every loss whilst playing a 50/50 variant (that’s odds/even red/black roulette) of the game. The idea is by multiplication in the concept that the eventual winning bet would cover all previous losses made along with profit.

Now this might sound straight forward, but remember probability is not essentially possibility. You can’t rely on likelihood to be your best friend here. We must remember that FOBT roulette has the green zero too and that this sways the 50/50 towards the machine.

The idea here is not to chase large profits, 50% of what you started with would be very nice indeed. The Martingale has been used for many self proclaimed gambling professionals, and whilst it works for the luck streak, if it goes the wrong way this could eat those credits pretty fast.

FOBT Roulette Blanket Betting

Blanket bets are a way in which the player tries to flood the odds in their favour, but the cost for initial bets is by no means cheap. If you go down this road, then you’ve gone against the systematic principles of bankroll management and opted for a more reckless gambling strategy.

But nevertheless, this works for some. One idea of a blanket bet would be to cover around 75% of the board whilst leaving only 25% uncovered, therefore improving your chances of hitting the balls landing zone. Now in theory your odds are dramatically improved, but should you miss your losses will escalate rapidly.

Another option would be to bet on numbers 1-34 with say £1 on each position, any return would give you £36 plus stake, gleaning a small profit over the £34 that it cost. But again, you could hit 35, 36 or even 0 leaving your pockets on the verge of depression.

FOBT Machine SystemsWin & walk

Winning and walking is something only some of the most disciplined of gamblers can achieve, but yet very comforting and rewarding when achieved. This is more the style of play for those who hit weekly lotteries, occasional fruit machines or fixed odds terminals infrequently.

They do not have the mindset of the hard lined roulette machine player, but this is something that each of us can try. You must adopt the notions as to that of buying a scratch card, you spend £5, scratch away and then leave happily or frustrated. In win and walk, you select an amount at your disposal (an amount you are willing to lose), somewhere between £10 and £20 is common.

You then use this amount on just one spin, preferably in a strategy that is more geared towards the 50/50 odds over. If you win during this cycle, then you just simply walk away doubles up. It’s a fast and furious way to play FOBT roulette and is favoured by some for the limited in time play (remember machines rely on your time to gain profits).

So if you can do this, then fair play to you, but not something your average bookies roulette player is likely to see through. This is our favourite roulette machine strategy.

The profit point system

More so a rule than a strategy but still quite powerful when used correctly. Around 75% of roulette simulator users have no idea how long they’re at the bookies for, how much they want to win or how much they’re willing to lose. It’s this “having no idea” that makes those 75% of gamblers lose everything.

In the profit point system, a player can bet anything or in anyway possible yet the rule remains the same. As soon as you reach the profit point you leave the betting shop. Most gamblers who use this system play to the 50% rule. This means that starting with £10 at no point will you have £15 in the shop, you will by this point have left the machine with profits.

Time strategy

This one is favoured by those players who believe the effects time can have over both machines and computers, as FOBT’s are both. Bookies roulette like online casino games, fruit machines and other digital gambling devices use servers and RNG software to govern the resultant.

So in theory, the players input (the pressing of the start button) can affect the outcome at the different intervals. Players who use time in their strategies will bet at certain time periods, pause for give time frames and play only at certain times of the day. It’s not proven that this has any effect over the game but it sure requires discipline and this helps with responsible gaming, so it gets the thumbs up from everyone at our low stakes roulette site!

Can you win on bookies roulette?

Gambling by nature is seen to attract the kind of person that is not afraid of the risk factor, someone who is not afraid to part with something in return for the chance to gain something more. It’s when greed and gambling begin to mix that this sentence becomes toxic. Give the game all day to bleed you dry and you will be bled dry; strategy in gambling is about covering these wounds in the process, a sort of battle cry in sustaining a victory that is uncertain. It’s about survival through clever, sensible and smart decisions.

Yes it’s true that many people have lost lots of money playing betting shop roulette games, in cases peoples lives have been ruined by fobt machines, but have these people really made the right decisions along the way, did they leave the bookies when they should have left, it’s all about strategy.

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