Tip For Responsible Roulette Gambling

First things first this is our opinion. If you need help with problem gambling please seek professional help and advice. www.begambleaware.org is the best place to start.

If it’s not responsible gaming then, it’s deemed problem gambling, but where’s the line between the two. The answer is with the individual and having the mindset that knows the difference. This article will explain how to play roulette machines safely and responsibly, therefore placing you in control of the fixed odds betting terminal, and not the other way around.

If you look into the history of roulette games then, you’ll find out exactly where they all came from and why. Some people would think it’s a coincidence that more poverty endorsed areas get littered with betting shops, but there’s a reason desperation is targeted.

Remember it’s if nothing else, the moment you start playing reckless and with desperation, those bank notes become nothing more than toilet paper or worse, betting machine food. If desperation replaces enjoyment whilst gambling, then it’s time to walk away.

If you’re one of those players who walks into the bookmakers with £100 expecting to leave later that day with a £1000, then that mentality stops here. Roulette machines are not business models for the player; they’re money takers for the bookmakers. What you can do is play these things responsibly. Spin safely and provide yourself with something we call “pocket protection.”

Tips for playing roulette safely

Avoid Emotions – One of the worst things a player can do is to spin a roulette wheel whilst emotional. Now it could be after an argument, a bad day at work, receiving negative news or even just taking a bad mood to the online casino or betting shop for the sake of it.

Roulette games are not pills for depression or anger, if anything they’ll make you feel worse. You should only play roulette machines when it’s safe to do, so that’s with you in control and not your emotions taking over. It will only encourage reckless betting and again that powerful word, desperation.

Avoid Alcohol – Now no one’s telling you to drop the booze here. Its just that gambling whilst intoxicated is never a good idea, ok maybe during the grand national. Alcohol puts a cloak of protection over each of us, obviously this cloak doesn’t exist, and it certainly can’t help us win on roulette, or protect us from losses for that matter either.

You should never go messing around with fixed odds betting terminals or real money casino games whilst drunk. You’ll wake up with a major hangover and a puzzle to solve, where did I put that £100?. Lacking memories is by no means roulette safe play, booze is destructive when combined with gambling.

Know your limit – Some people believe that roulette machines should get banned. These people are either problem gambling or people trying to help problem gamblers who’ve never seen a simulator in their lives. Earlier we spoke about responsible gaming and problem gambling, the difference between these two pass times is knowing your limits.

If you’re off to the pub for the day and can afford to throw £5 away without worrying about its life expectancy, which is responsible.

If you’re going to the shops to buy bread and milk and you think you can turn your food money into more food money, then this is a problem. Know your limits, a great way to do this is to bankroll.

Bankrolling – Running a bankroll can encourage responsible gaming because it employs discipline as a measure of its success. For example, a 10% percent level bankroll would govern your playability as follows. If you walk into the casino or visit one online then you should know exactly where your limits are and how much you’re going to spend.

Let’s say you’re going to spin with £20, at this level your 10% margin would mean no more than £2 per spin. Sticking close to your numbers with good discipline is a nice way to play roulette. Our tips for running a roulette bankroll can explain this in more detail.

Time – When it comes to the online casino or betting shop, time is not on your side when you’re not thinking about it. Now it might seem a bit silly, but one of the key causes of problem gambling is a player’s lack of hold on time.

Many lose sight of the clock and quickly forget how long they’ve been feeding tenners into the simulator. Set yourself a time frame and stick to it, again this all comes down to good discipline and responsible gaming. Know how long you’ve been playing!

It’s real money – Don’t be fooled by the digital display or the electronic label of currency, it’s still real money. Another difference between responsible players and problem gamblers is identifying their losses.

Some heavy gamblers say do not recognise their credits in the machine as actual real money. Hello, you’ve just stuck that money inside. One of the best roulette machine tips ever is to remind yourself about those credit spins, remember it’s real money.

Walk away – This one comes down to knowing your limits, the amount of time you’ve been playing and the amount of money you’ve either won or lost. Chasing your losses is one thing, but chasing your winnings is worse.

Good players know when to walk away from the machine, that doesn’t just mean when you’re down, but most importantly when you’re up. If a broken bankroll doesn’t tell to you leave, then profits should.

When responsible gaming becomes problem Gambling – Avoiding, the measures of play above can turn responsible players into problem gamblers if they pursue gambling for all the wrong reasons.

They are not quick fixes for financial problems; they are not business models, and they are not money making schemes. These simulators have flourished for over a decade because they do make profits for casinos and betting shops. Be under no illusion, if you’re playing desperate then, you’re playing reckless, and reckless play goes only one way.

know when enough is enough, enjoy the game for what it is and play roulette machines safely and responsibly.

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