Roulette Money Management & Bankroll Tips

roulette money managementPeople often ask “How do I win on roulette in the bookies? ” When the more sensible question is  “How can I survive roulette with more money than started with?”. Running a bankroll is more than just watching your pockets, it’s a discipline that brings about immediate control to your game plan.

Firstly the bankroll is not a winning system for roulette, it’s a money management tool for responsible gaming. What the bankroll does is govern the way you think and play with your credits, whilst offering you a profit point (if achieved) at which time you should leave the bookies, virtual table or casino casino.

Once you’ve read this article on money management skills, you might want to revisit how to play bookies roulette to ensure you make the most of these skills when it comes to betting.

Bankrolling is responsible gaming

Bankroll is a term normally associated with professional poker players or financial traders but the idea is the same for whoever decides to use it. It’s there to help you and to help put some order and control into the way you play FOBT machines otherwise,they’ll hold you upside down like Dick Turpin and shake your pockets empty. Let us say it again, this is a tool for responsible gaming!

We’re now going to explain the best way to put your bankroll into action and how discipline will enter your game. In the past you may have been one of those players who could spend £200 in 5 minutes on a roulette machine, this will never happen again if you utilise the following bankroll tips.

Firstly let us talk briefly about how a bankroll works. In poker and high stakes casino gambling, the bankroll is used by managing the stake at which a player gets involved. Normally between 10 and 20 percent, the bankroll ensures that a player never bets in any one round of the game with that percentage of their starting total.

So a player starting with a £200 betting pot would never creep above £20 in any one betting round. Now, playing FOBT machines and bookies roulette, we take this information and apply it to each set spin.

Putting these rules in our credits takes away the reasoning behind reckless gambling. For example, those bets in which a loss wipes away the total, a style of play often associated with problem gamblers. It’s this kind of reckless roulette in which total losses can occur in single spins of the wheel, a bankroll takes this problem away.

Example of exercising a bankroll on roulette machines

Sensible bankrolls range from between 5 and 30% but for bookies style games it seems that 10% (although low) is one of the safest levels to play. You have to remember that FOBT’s will have your pants down if you stay around long enough to find out what that feels like, so the trick is shorter visits whilst playing under a 10% bankroll.

Remember that whilst roulette strategy deals with the process of betting and bet values, a bankroll defines those very bet values.

Roulette machines will run their course by allowing the spinner to experience a set of returns based upon high or low (win or loss). Returns dependent upon both the Random Number Generator resultant and the systems pay tables. Remember these devices are built to pay out at about 92.3% (average) across its betting life.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that this means 92.3 percent of the players who stand in front of the simulator will win. Over a period, you spend playing; the game will pass you back and forth between winning and losing scenarios, whilst maintaining it’s 92.3% on certain spins and taking back profits during others.

It’s at this point that you need to perform a sort of a balancing act between these win/lose scenarios, in a way that your money will see you through both successfully. It is where big bets fall over during a losing cycle, because they lose everything.

They might have won £15 back during the payout stage of the machine, but bet that same amount back during the losing stage. They then have nothing left to carry on playing. Remember to play responsibly at 10%, here’s how.

Stick at 10% no matter what

You can try 20% or 30% bankrolls in time. However please learn how to master the most basic of money management skills first that’s ten percent.

For example, if you have £40 in your pocket at the betting shop (starting credit), at no point whatsoever do you bet more than £4 in any one spin of the wheel. If you lose that £4 (losing cycle) then you re-evaluate your total, now at £36 in which no more than £3.60 can get spent per spin.

This method of betting allows for both fluctuation of the game whatever the outcome, allowing your reassessment for the next round.

Stick to your profit point

If you want to win on roulette machines then it’s about taking earlier opportunities rather than later disappointments. Let us explain. Most FOBT machine players (around 72%) will leave a betting shop with nothing after chasing the games £500 maximum payout, they treat it like some money making scheme.

It’s almost impossible without lady luck on your lap to make this kind of margin without losing. It’s because they stay in the bookmakers all day trying to make the maximum, which if you remember more time playing means more time losing.

The idea is to cut this margin-right down to a reasonable value, 50%. You now use a fifty percent profit point which effectively tells you when to leave the bookies.

It means that you leave under two possibilities; the first is the overall loss and the second is with at least 50% more than your starting credit.

Working your 10% bankroll alongside a 50% profit point

You can change your personality right now when it comes to how you play FOBT’s and roulette machines with better effect. That’s if you put personal discipline into practice. So going back to that £40 starting credit, at no point during play will you exceed the maximum of 10% during any one bet.

Starting at £40 it becomes £4, if you win and have £52 as your new total, it becomes £5.20. Now add in the profit point, which at 50% means £60 is your cue to leave.

In summary if you walk into a betting shop with £40 credit then you’ll attempt to leave with £60 or lose everything in the process. That is a reality, yet using a bankroll those losses will not happen quickly and will increase your chances of making the profit point. You never know, even your first spin could result in a return that pushes you beyond that 50% margin.

We’ve all seen players walk in and spin once only to lose everything, now if by using this plan. The only time you will ever walk out of the betting shop following one spin is after winning.

It’s time to bring a new meaning to the way you play roulette machines, and it takes responsible gaming along with discipline to do it. Good luck.

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