How Bookies Roulette Machines Work

Random Number Generators are the reason online casinos are not filing for bankruptcy; they’re effectively the ghost in the machine. The ghost that ensures house edge stays where it should be and that somewhere profits are made by the right people. This article looks at how bookies roulette machines work and the random number generating software that is hidden within.

So how does RNG function, and how does it work with respect to roulette machines and FOBT. In its simplest form a RNG is the concept that ensures probability just like in real time betting, like gambling in a bricks and mortar casino. These codes are designed to replicate the odds in any given game. It’s a virtual representation if you like.

But random number generators are not just doing that; they’re ensuring that the edge to the house, gaming company or operator achieved.

Those greedy gambling industry people got the clever guys to make sure they get their share; that’s what RNG’s are doing, only they’re doing it with lots of code and mathematics.

Some critics of these devices claim the machines are rigged and that they promote problem gambling in betting shops. The truth is that if you remain careful and sensible, then you play a game of a fair chance; theses generators will make sure of that.

The RNG code must generate fair gaming!

First of all, before we get down to it, be aware that casinos using software or machines that use code can only get licensed once the random number generators have been certified by an independent third party.

Analysts of this third-party will test the games over given time periods to access the probability, instability and statistical data of a game that should appear completely random by its technical nature. So it’s good to know that the boffins will completely strip these generators down to 1’s and 0’s before our wallets ever get near them.

So when you’re playing at somewhere reputable, you know you’re not getting stumped. It’s why we only recommend online casinos in the top racket, because these guys had widely renowned and trusted RNG roulette software.

How random number generators work

Winning on roulette machines or dropping that maximum payout of £500 is caused by a set of rules that govern the game and decide it’s outcome. Words like luck, chance and probability all have their place at the table, but holding up that table is software.

The software was built upon mathematical principles that in order to work, must generate a resultant beyond possible prediction. This resultant will then represent a certain number for the betting games given output. For example, a card game would be using a 1 – 52 sample rate for a virtual deck of cards, a roulette machine would use 1 -37 for it’s possible outputs.

Now it might seem fairly simple when you think about it, an equation that delivers a number of 1 to 37 by random calculation, but these calculations are never completely random, not without entropy.

The word entropy is geek speak for complete randomness, hope you’re still with us. The resultant (activated upon pressing start) is mixed with an undefined numeric of complete randomness (entropy).

So let’s say you press start, the FOBT roulette machine does it’s thing and gives you a number of between 1 and 37. Once it gets it, it then mixes that component with more data to ensure no pattern or predetermined judgement is possible for the next resultant (position of the virtual wheel).

In order for this to happen, RNG software for roulette machines uses basic seed value for the number that the machine chooses to present. The seed calculation is conducted once the player presses the start button and can last from anything between 1 and 20 seconds (some players have recorded this period to be as long as 37 seconds.

It is important to recognise that the seed value is often the recorded time between the current start and previous end of the betting cycle. It is why some self-confessed FOBT experts claim that using different time periods along with counting the machines response can result in the player homing in on parts of the wheel that could include the next resultant.

In bookie’s roulette simulators, this seed factor is often sorted from the machines data server in which is the games master clock. Timing everything from individual bets to how long a players money or session has lasted.

It is why some people believe turning FOBT’s or fruit machines off can reset this computer and swing the machines favour. Now, of course, the player could try this, but there’s nothing to prove such a theory has ever worked, and you run the risk of getting thrown out of the bookies. Plus, what if you reset a computer that was about to hit the winning cycles and now you face losing ones, just a thought.

Will players ever learn how to predict roulette machine simulators?

Now that we know in it’s most basic wording. The RNG is the brain of the fixed odds betting terminal, and that by applying a few mathematical equations and by adding lots of numbers together with other numbers that are completely random.

Then again with a seed value derived from a period that could be anything dependent upon how the computer is counting at that moment in time. Will we ever learn how to predict roulette machine simulators? Possibly not. We could answer that one confidently.

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