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Play 1p Roulette Online

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Play 1p Roulette Online

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Penny Roulette, Play Low Stakes Roulette Online

penny rouletteWelcome to penny roulette where we focus on the amazing game for roulette but for low stakes. Here we show you how and where to play 1p roulette online, which casinos offer the game and introduce some low stakes roulette strategy. This page is all about playing for 1p a bet but we have also included pages for 10p roulette and 20p roulette like you find in high street bookmakers.

Not all casino games need to be played for a lot of money and penny roulette is proof of this. Many people use cheap 1p roulette to practice strategy, you can, of course, play free roulette online but it’s just not quite the same.

The list below is of the very best online casinos that offer 1p roulette. Spin the wheel for just a penny and have some real money roulette fun. Each operator has a nice deposit bonus to claim and via the review pages you will see what roulette games they offer, the minimum stakes and full information about the welcome bonus and any wagering requirements attached.

It’s important to remember that although you can play for just 1p it’s still gambling and you should always take care when playing for real money. Keep it safe and always gamble responsibly.

Top 3 Penny Roulette Offers

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50 Free Slots Spins, Winnings Paid as Cash
T&Cs Apply, 18+

18+ New Casino customers only. £10 Minimum transfer. £10 Minimum stakes within 7 days. Minimum 5 game rounds. Game restrictions apply. Maximum 50 Free Spins on selected games. Free Spins expire after 7 days. Full T&Cs apply.

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100% Up To £500
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18+. New Customers Only. Min £20 deposit. Max bonus £500. 20x (bonus only) wagering reqs on certain games. Certain games and payment methods excluded. Bets covering >70% of Roulette table don’t count to wagering. T&C’s apply.

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20 Free Spins No Deposit + Up To £300
T&Cs Apply, 18+

18+ New Players Only. 100% Deposit Bonus and 20 Free Spins on Starburst. £10 min deposit/£300 max bonus. 30x wagering requirement with contribution from 0%-100% depending on game. Bonuses are opt-in only. Further T&Cs apply. Please Gamble Responsibly.

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Complete Guide To Low Stakes Roulette

Playing low stakes roulette and the cheapest version being penny roulette is no different to the normal roulette game. The same principles apply, the table and wheel are the exact same, the only difference is being able to play low stakes instead of the standard £1+ per bet.

Because the game is the same we have compiled some roulette strategy guides and charts for you to check out. Using basic low stakes roulette strategy is a way to lower the house edge and possibly win a bit more.

You may think it’s simple, deposit, claim a bonus and simply spin till there’s nothing left. Ask most players how to play online roulette, and they’ll say, well you know?

But, do they know how to play this game, a game that has seduced gamblers for centuries. This article will explain how to play one of the casino’s best-loved creations.

Many of us go right ahead and stick money down on the roulette table without thinking first. Sometimes going back to the basics can be very beneficial to players. If you’re not ready for how to play just yet, then our penny roulette strategy page explains everything from how it works, to more responsible gaming through bankroll management.

The roulette machine is the ultimate simulator of chance, a digital replication of a cult casino classic. It is the wheel in computer form. Governed by random number generators and controlled by a systematic brain, online roulette is the fix for thousands of players in the UK, but how do you play properly.

Firstly the game of chance is all about you against the board. It’s about trying to predict the landing zone of the ball and trying to narrow that position by cutting and slashing the odds with certain bets. So let’s look at some of these bets. You might also want to read about RNG roulette software and how that decides the winning or losing outcome.

Low Stakes Roulette onlineWhy Play Low Stakes Roulette Online?

The internet has paved the way for some serious bonuses when it comes to online roulette, so let us explain some of the benefits of spinning the wheel in your bedroom. First of all the top five betting shops in the country don’t need to fight for your custom, they’re all sort of happy with their nice chunk of the punter pie. The betting shop doesn’t quite feel the same after playing online. You put £20 into their machines, and that’s it, online it’s a minimum of 100% thrown on top! It’s almost common sense.

The exact same goes for real life local casinos, you don’t get any freebies or bonuses there either. Perhaps free soft drinks or tea and coffee but that’s about your lot!

Plus most high street roulette machine players aren’t fussed where they play, this is the reason bookies don’t hand out bonuses for walking through the door. It’s because they don’t need to. Online casinos, however, are different. They do have to give away bonuses, and lots of them too even for those of us looking to spend very little playing penny slots or roulette.

One of the greatest differences to playing roulette at casinos on the internet instead of down the high street is a nice little hand out known as a deposit bonus. Normally at about 100% but sometimes as high as 1000% (in extremely generous circumstances), joining one of these sites could double your credits straight away.

Deposit £100, play with £200. Also known as welcome bonuses, these match deals can sometimes be worth thousands. Could this be the ultimate swinger for most betting shop players, quite possibly? You can see our list and choose a penny roulette casino and claim a bonus by following the link.

Personal comfort

Walking out in the rain and cold to play fixed odds betting terminals whilst constantly wondering if the betting shop could get raided with you inside is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some players prefer something a little more comfortable. Casino via broadband provides the opportunity for you to play bookie’s roulette online in the comfort of your bedroom.

That’s no dodgy cash attendants, Punters stinking of booze, groups of teenagers sighting your wallet or even a 20-minute walk home. It’s just you and your very own simulator. Plus with penny roulette and bets from just 1p, it is cheaper and still as much fun.

A better approach to responsible gaming

Some people (and we’re talking problem gamblers and those who fail to recognise responsible gaming) can spend a fortune playing bookies FOBT. It’s not even the cashier’s job to say “mate” you’ve spent too much, get out.

Online casinos have a better approach to this by means of certain restrictions, and they’re put in place at your request to help you. It can include limitations put on deposits; limitations put on spending and limitations put on the frequency of deposits. If they could do anymore, they’d be wiping our backsides.

Freedom of choice on roulette games

Let’s face it, if you’ve never played simulators online before then all you have left the same old, same old. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with standard fixed odds betting terminals, and its roulette variation, so much is developing elsewhere.

Casinos on the web are forced to work in the market with huge levels of competition, this means trying to snap up the best and latest games in the business. It means more choice for the punter and more different styles of roulette. You’ve even got roulette machine tournaments on the internet too, competitions where you can win thousands. When you play online roulette machines, it’s not just the standard variation, but many others too.

penny roulette bonusesLoyalty packages

Most of the websites today that provides roulette simulators and other casino games run loyalty packages for players. Let’s just say you have a regular bookie that you’re spending regular amounts of money with, The only returns you make in this situation are any winnings.

That’s if you manage to walk away responsibly with it. Now look at this same scenario online, you’re using the same casino at regular times of the week or month. At the very least you’ll be getting a few double up options each month, at best you’ll have no trouble finding weekly bonuses and even points that you can earn and exchange for cash.

Some accounts are known to make up to 700% on their deposits in the first three months of play, not bad for extra credits and a huge boost for low stakes and penny roulette players.


One which gets overlooked most of the time, but can you trust everyone who sees you drop a roulette machine for hundreds of pounds in winnings. You just never know, at least in cyberspace you won’t have this problem.

Unless, of course, the Oceans 11 team are thinking of hacking roulette accounts at or Ladbrokes casino this year. In the privacy of your home, there’s no denying the benefits of this level of security. The RNG roulette software used by the top brands has been credited by major independent authorities to be the safest on the planet.

Further Penny Roulette Benefits

Much debate the topic on whether playing online low stakes and penny roulette can help with the development of roulette strategy and identification of betting patterns as to then perform against bookmaker’s machines.

Whilst it won’t help you win every time, don’t ever fall for that one, it will do something else. If you’ve never played alone and in your piece and quiet without the distractions of the betting shop, then the first thing to go are those dreadful mistakes.

Overbets and horrendous errors often caused by watching the horse racing screen or by the distraction of sharks on your shoulder just disappear. You begin to think more clearly about what you’re doing and how much you’re playing.

Other good tips for penny roulette that can get harnessed through online casinos is the ability to practice betting strategies and your style of bankroll management. By either using play money or free play, you can provide yourself with no risk scenarios in which to practice altering gambling percentages against a bankroll. We are big on responsible gaming and anything that can help to give us more control is always a good thing.

We believe the internet can do that for us. If there’s anything safer, enjoyable, more bonus rewarding, more secure and more valuable than playing bookie’s roulette, you can bet less and win more when it’s online.

Learning how to play roulette with different bets

The following bets are useless without bankroll management. It’s one thing knowing how to lay down those chips or which numbers to select, but what comes next. the Penny roulette guide for bankrolling is superb for players who want to reach the next level. Using a good bankroll system can help with both responsible gaming and the control of a player’s pocket money too.

Red and black

36 positions on the roulette wheel are split equally between red and black marked positions. A winner of this kind of betting will take an even share prize that’s the equivalent to the money placed on the bet. For example: betting £20 on red will return £40. Red and black roulette play is as an outside bet.

Odds and even

Again with even money, the player as above bets on the numeric decision rather than colours. That’s 18 positions of odd numbers and 18 positions of even numbers. This gambling style is another form of double up play; it’s also outside betting.

1 through 18 / 19 through 36

In these bets, a player again separates the board into two divisions of numbers. All the time in even bets, the roulette machine will effectively double the payout for the correct marker. Most so-called professionals will switch between red/black, odd/even, and through numbers in order to try to influence total coverage over the table across three bets.

Again this is known as outside betting.


We’re now talking larger profits for the winner of this kind of outside gambling. In dozens, the board is divided equally into three parts with each part containing 12 positions.

Instead of guessing that half of the wheel the ball will land, you’re attempting to predict which third of the wheel will contain the winning position. This correct assumption will pay you 2 – 1.

Column Betting

Like above and paying 2 -1 on winning bets, columns are stacked 12 high from right to left containing three consecutive numbers on each row i.e. 1,2,3, etc. Some players will use this style of gambling in conjunction with an even bet because hitting both provides a financial safety net should the player up the stakes in the next round.

Inside bets

We’re now onto the inside bets and by this, it means the financial rewards for winners are much larger in value. It is why most maximum wagers for inside bets are much smaller than outside ones.

The single number striker

When we talk about how to play roulette for the big payoffs then the single number comes to mind also the most powerful or inside betting.

In this bet, you commit your entire wager to the full number; this includes choosing 0 or 00 too. Roulette players who manage this one can seriously flood their pockets with a 35 – 1 return, but this is 37 – 1 when you take into account the house edge.


If you don’t fancy riding reckless on a 35 – 1 stake return, then you can bring down the odds again by crossing two positions. The split bet is something that pro roulette gamblers use when they carry out blanket betting (you might have seen this with lots of chips placed over the lines between 2 numbers).

The return for such a move is a modest 17 – 1. Some strategies involve placing credits across a dozen section whilst selecting variable splits in the none covered a dozen sections. The split is one of the most popular bets to make.

Street bets

If you want to play roulette using the inside/outside bet crossover, then the street is the lingo familiar to this type of play.

Paying back at 11 – 1 the streets popular choice considered for its wide range over three numbers. Any good player should have this one up their sleeve. To do it, simply select the line on the digital display that separates the inside bets from the outside ones, this indicates covering a row of three consecutive numbers.

In strategy, some experienced gamblers will use street and splits in the same spin; the idea that more ground of the wheel covered over a betting cycle of ten spins. If you’re spinning with good bankroll management, the 11 – 1 street bet is a good way to play slow and controlled roulette, whilst maintaining nice odds for a possible winning scenario.

Want to practice these bets online with some of the best simulators? Our guide for playing penny roulette online is all about scoping out some of the best casino websites that offer real money bonuses along with a great roulette experience.


See anyone on a good roll, and its the corner bet has been used to get the ball rolling. This 8 – 1 possibility covers four positions of the display by selecting the marker between the horizontal and vertical line crossover (intersection) just inside the layout.

You might see some experienced rollers throwing two corners up against one street; this kind of segmenting is considered reckless gambling but can pay off quite nicely if it hits. Responsible gamers might want to avoid this one.

The five-bet position

Any player with common sense should avoid this type of betting, this is why wheels that carry the double zero are not favoured by us at penny roulette As five-bet positions divided from 38 by five returns just seven possible areas, as it leaves both 0, 00 and a further variable unaccountable.

To this end, the house edge becomes 7.89% that’s an almost blind robbery. If you ever spot the option to play double zero roulette just stick with the European single zero or your pockets are doomed.

Double street betting

On a single street place the marker online separating the inside from outside bets. But then cover the cross point at the horizontal axis between the two rows. It now selects six numbers in three consecutive number rows, gets confusing, doesn’t it? But at 5 -1 I’d leave this one alone and stick with corners and single streets.

Want to know what the best way to play roulette is? We’ve got a solution for that too. In this article, we’ve covered the different types of bets a player can make but in truth, knowing how to play roulette comes with experience and experience alone. It’s how you take one of the betting methods above and combine it with your strategy, how you then use that strategy with a bankroll system coupled with responsible gaming.

All of this, however, relies heavily upon discipline, and of course, leaving the table at just the right time, that’s how you play. Now, why not try your luck at penny roulette? The exact same game but with lower stakes and a great way to test theories, strategy and skill.

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